Mormons updating practices

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Now that the Mormon church is large, it’s harder to add ever-increasing piles of people.To look at one component of that growth, we can examine convert baptisms.

First, let’s have a look at total LDS church membership, by year.The preceding graph is my signature graph, a wholly confusing affair; there’s probably a better way to do it. For this graph, I’ve made that number 100% for each year, and it’s indicated by the bright red line.Two components of the change in membership, new members and new births, are indicated by the blue and green bars, respectively, while the total of the two are shown by the gray bars.Please note that these figures come from the LDS church itself.They self-report their numbers, and there’s no way to verify anything.The percentage had been mostly flat since 2005, but things went down considerably in 2015.

It’s very different from 1980, for example, when nearly 1 in 20 Mormons were baptized within the previous year. The Mormon church has been inconsistent with its reporting of new members by birth, that is, members that were born to a Mormon parent.

Yearly membership is predictable; there aren’t any peaks or valleys in this chart, and growth is steady.

For more information, let’s have a look at year-over-year figures: This graph shows year-over-year growth for each year.

Using this very rough estimate for the Mormon church as a whole, which admittedly has members outside the United States, we would expect Mormons to have about 193,000 children in 2015.

But they had fewer children of record, only 115,000, so either Mormons are having fewer kids than the American population as a whole, which doesn’t seem likely, or not all children born to Mormons are being added as children of record.

Since 1992, there have been roughly 315,000 members added each year.