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In November 2007, her single 'Honey' (produced by 9th Wonder) was leaked onto the internet.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the backlash over her controversial comments was immediate - almost more so than the reaction to the initial article about which she was tweeting - with many users accusing her of defending rape culture and victim-blaming.Badu took another break from her career, during which time she gave birth to another child; her daughter Puma.In 2007, however, she revealed that she had three albums in the pipeline.The album was another critical success for Badu and the song 'Bag Lady' was nominated for a Grammy.She then collaborated with Common of the Soulquarians (with whom she was in a relationship at the time) on 'Love Of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop) which was included on the Brown Sugar soundtrack. Following tours in 20, she returned to the studio and recorded Worldwide Underground, She received a further four Grammy nominations for the work, which featured contributions from Queen Latifah and Angie Stone as well as production credits for Dead Prez and Raphael Saadiq.It debuted at number two on the Billboard chart and the lead single 'On & On' was a Top 20 hit in the UK and the US.

Her singing style drew instant comparison to Billie Holiday.Erykah Badu recorded a 19-song demo with her cousin, Robert 'Free' Bradford, entitled 'Country Cousins'.As a result, Kedar Massenburg (ex-president of Motown Records) set up a duet between Badu and D'Angelo to sing 'Your Precious Love'.She is sometimes referred to as The Queen of Neo Soul.She has also acted in a number of high profile films, including The Cider House Rules.The very bitter outcry did not stop the singer and actress from continuing to speak her mind, however, although she did attempt to clarify her comments somewhat, suggesting that she believes it is in a man's nature to be attracted to a woman - and they therefore cannot always be blamed for their behavior, because, at times, it is pure instinct for them.

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