Medieval dating

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Medieval dating

From opening doors for ladies, saccharine poetry and serenades between star-crossed lovers, many of these elements are still admired (though generally not often practiced) in the modern world.The main foundations of medieval courtship are honor and chastity.

This data set consists of charters, that is, documents evidencing the transfer and/or possession of land and/or movable property, and the rights which govern them.

This study is concerned with charters (written in Latin) dating from the tenth through early fourteenth centuries in England.

4 (2012) Abstract: Deeds, or charters, dealing with property rights, provide a continuous documentation which can be used by historians to study the evolution of social, economic and political changes.

(A more complete background to these circumstances is provided in Section 2.) Charters dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, however, are a vital source for the study of English social, economic and political history, and significant historical information can be derived when such charters can be dated or sequenced accurately.

(For some examples, see Section 2.) The charters comprising the DEEDS data set are derived from among those charters which can in fact be accurately dated, and, specifically, to within a year of their actual issue.

The documents in question date from the tenth through early fourteenth centuries and are written in Latin, the administrative language of their time.

They were mostly obtained from cartularies and charter collections produced in England and Wales, with a few from Scotland.

A key aim of the DEEDS project was to produce a reliable data base from which methods for dating the undated charters could be devised.

Many of today's traditional romance and dating ideals have deep-seated roots in courtship from medieval times.

A peculiarity of that era is that most of the charters that were issued do not bear a date or other chronological marker.

This is particularly so from the time of the Conquest in 1066, until about 1307, when fewer than 10% of the more than one million surviving charters bore dates.

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