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Winkler's lawyers, Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese Sr., also filed motions to throw out her confession on a technicality, to require prosecutors to state whether or not they would seek the death penalty (they did not), to give potential jurors an extensive questionnaire, and other motions relating to voir dire.

He rolled from the bed onto the floor, and, still alive, he asked his wife, "Why?

As proof she displayed a pair of high-heeled shoes and a wig to which those in attendance gasped.

Winkler claimed that she only shot her husband accidentally.

The sentencing phase was set to begin on May 18, 2007, but was delayed due to a scheduling conflict by one of the attorneys.

On June 8, 2007, a Tennessee judge sentenced Mary Winkler to 210 days in prison for the conviction of voluntary manslaughter.

Winkler denied she ever actually pulled the trigger, but told the jury "something went off".

She heard a boom, then ran from the house because she thought he would be mad at her.When asked by investigators about what had happened to her husband, Winkler stated that she and her husband had argued about money and offered "I guess that's when my ugly came out." A grand jury indicted Winkler on June 12, 2006, accusing her of first-degree murder.On June 30, 2006, Mary Winkler's bond hearing was held.The trial commenced on April 9, 2007, with the prosecution resting on April 16. On April 18, 2007, Mary Winkler took the stand in her own defense.She told a jury of ten women and two men that her husband often "berated" her and forced her to wear "slutty" costumes for sex.She said that she went to the bedroom closet and retrieved a shotgun because she wanted to force him to work through their problems.

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