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Our thoughts go out to his friends and family, especially his wife and producing partner, Olga Szymanska, who was with him at the premiere in Toronto.” “Demon” will be screened for a final time on Saturday at p.m.

at Scotiabank Theatre, where TIFF will pay tribute to Wrona.

They had just signed with ICM Partners to sell the film and to break into the U. Wrona’s short student film , which premiered at the 2009 Rome Film Festival.

It won the Journalist’s Award and The Best Script Award at the Polish Debuts Film Festival 2009 and the Grand Prix of the Polish Edition Hartley-Merrill Award in 2007 and the Third Prize of Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Award in 2007 Cannes. It won several fest awards that included The Silver Lion for the best film, the Best Actor Award and award for the Best Editing at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia in 2010.

By Maane Khatchatourian Marcin Wrona, the director of the Polish horror film “Demon,” which made its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival last week, was found dead in a hotel room in Poland on Friday night. By Joe Leydon Up until its unfortunate third-act detour from intriguing verisimilitude to frustrating abstraction, director Marcin Wrona's "Demon" enthralls as an atmospheric ghost story with a cheeky undercurrent…

director Marcin Wrona has been found dead in a hotel room in Poland, his publicist Jim Dobson said. The auteur's body was discovered Friday night and the cause of his death is under investigation, Variety reported.

Wrona was preparing for the Polish premiere of the film at the Gdynia Film Festival.

The film was also slated to premiere at the upcoming Fantastic Fest in Austin and the Sitges Film Festival, as well as theatrical release in Poland in October.

"We are all deeply shocked and saddened at the news of the sudden death of Marcin Wrona," the Toronto International Film Festival organizers said in a statement.

"His film truly marked the emergence of a strong new voice on the world cinema stage.

The movie was also set to bow at the upcoming Fantastic Fest in Austin and the Sitges Film Festival.

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