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Lonelywife dating - 100 persent of dating site

It goes like this I visited the site because another site who I choose not to involve in the complaint endorsed it with a little publicity dont worry I have contacted this site as well made them aware of how unhappy I was but they provide an honest service and are a quality place to visit.During my first visit I signed up for a free profile which would supposedly allow me to search there singles which were claimed to number well over one hundread thousand.

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Find the perfect cheating wife to bang right now; naughty wives, horny bitches and more are waiting!So I was like screw it I'm gone couple bucks lost oh well maybe I will get areply tomorrow and log off.The next day by god and I kid you not every girl I had contacted had responded with interest in hearing more and others that had found me and wanted to talk I felt like a million bucks.i have sent over 150 e mails and only received 3 responces from women not even in my aera...SCAM SCAM SCAM dont waist your money go to a night club and look for the married women they are always in a huge group you can spot them a mile away and if they are intrested in having a fling they will let you know. i have found out is that in a group of married women theres at least 2-3 that will cheat on the other partner so give it a try and see how you do Yeah it seems like a complete fake alright.They never answer questions or talk about anything personal. i just recently joined less than 3 weeks ago and these ### need a good old fashion ### kickin as most of the dating sites if not allllll they send you emails that say im waiting on your reply and i emailed you a few days ago ond havent heard from you its all a scam to get you to join their damn site i am a very good lookin guy and have no trouble getting laid just needed to reach out and discover other females and like you say all you get back is i like your profile or im very interested in you ### like that never answer any questions and most of them look like models so put 2 and 2 together on hat = scammm anyway i hope this helps others out do not join this site unless you just want to look at porn and half naked women that you will never meet!

to the lonelywifehookup crooks screeeew you and enjoy my money because you will never get another dime that goes for passionsearch as wellbite me!!!now there chat house i was talking to a few women and i was checking out there web page and i have asked them if they seen me checking out there page and they said they got nothing showing me checking them out.so yes this site is a scam just like all of them out there. it says lonely wife hook up then why are you seeing ads from women who never been married before why advtise looking for some one on this site i dont get it.The next day I logged back on I had to know what I did wrong I had one response thats right one after sending a desperate hundread or so messages and get this it was from a girl whom I had not even contacted and it was very dry something like I liked your profile do you like mine. Dont worry I still have a few days left I am gonna get on and see what kind of trouble I can cause.Thats right I am bitter so wish me luck and Lonely Wife Hookup should be called Jim in his basement responding as fast as he can. They tell you to "get a hold of them" on this ### website.I just slapped myself across the face again min d youbecause I jumped back on paid for the month and started my responses.

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