Linqdatasource not updating

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Linqdatasource not updating

We’ll cover the simple, the direct, and the 3-tier enterprise method. NET Drop Down List with LINQ is by indicating directly in the ASPX file itself, where the datasource is and what fields to bind to. NET 3.5 web application through the use of the Linq Data Source control.What we have above is a basic Drop Down List control placed on the web page.

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The Linq Data Source tag is a very straight-forward method for binding to a Drop Down List. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and extremely easy to update.

With LINQ and LINQ to SQL, we no longer need to rely on the details of the connection objects and can instead begin thinking more abstractly by using the pre-generated LINQ business objects and the data access layer.

In this manner, LINQ has brought a conformity to the data layer in ASP . However, as with any new technology, new architectures often arise to support them.

As we continue on, you’ll see how to implement your own tiered architecture, specifically for populating datasource controls.

In this article, we’ll visit three ways to populate a Drop Down List control by binding to a data source.

Notice that we pre-set the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to indicate the fields we wish to display.

We also included an additional property, called Data Source ID, which specifies the location of the data source to actually pull data from.

Worse than that, the tag itself doesn’t provide you with any type of business object that could be used elsewhere in the web application, such as passing to a web service, using in composition, design patterns, etc.

While it was easy to insert the tag and bind to data, code reuse in this situation is limited.

TIP: if you want, put your grid View in AJAX update panel - the resulting page is much better that way.

Im using a LINQData Source to populate a Grid View of Universities.

While simple is always a good thing, it’s not always right.

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