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However, in June 2016, she became pregnant from a one-night stand with Steve Mc Donald.

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She had heard about how Maria had betrayed Toyah by having a fling with John Arnley, and decided to take revenge on both Maria and her former husband.

The events put a large strain on Nick and Leanne's relationship.

When Nick modelled for Miranda Peters, the relationship was put on further strain.

In an effort to become a more responsible adult, Leanne quit her hairdressing course and started working with Rita Sullivan in The Kabin.

When Nick met Darren Whateley, the man who had killed his father, Brian, he wrote letters to Darren under Leanne's name as part of a revenge plot.

The Battersbys were considered "the family from hell" and Leanne was a mischievous troublemaker who would shoplift and play loud music with Toyah.

As Leanne was not in education, Janice insisted on her getting a job.She got Leanne a job as a cleaner at Underworld where she herself worked, but this did not last long as Leanne was lazy and rude to those around her. Nick's mother Gail Platt instantly disapproved of the union as she did not like the Battersbys.Leanne and Gail frequently clashed, but this did not stop the teenagers from running away to Scotland to get married in January 1998.Leanne and her family moved into 5 Coronation Street in 1997.Since then she has had two failed marriages to Nick Tilsley and another failed marriage to Peter Barlow.She subsequently resigned from The Kabin following a misunderstanding over missing money.