Internet explorer not updating favicon

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Internet explorer not updating favicon - dating a narcicist

I used the link below to check the favicon to see if it's setup right & valid. At first I had no favicons showing, then I did some searching. Richard has the instructions I used to get it done. I have tried the full path as well as the relative path, neither work in IE8 After much more searching is see that this is a very common problem with IE. I have even gone to sites with IE8 that shows a favicon, and snitched theirs, and used the link to it in their source code on my page and installed IT. I noticed that some sites with a favicon in IE, do not have a "favicon" mentioned in their page source. Some get it to work with one solution but that won't work for others.

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Seeing as it doesn't need me to specify the favicon I just left that line out.

I had tried overwriting but it didn't seem to replace it because I would "view" it from the FTP program and it was the same old one.

I also viewed " in both FF & IE and they showed the borrowed favicon. But now I had to remove the borrowed one and replace it with mine. Now to see if I can get the animated favicon working in FF and not loose ground I've gained in IE LOLOK, I believe I have it. From what I have read, and what I have learned through this exercise, the first time IE sees a URL it then determines what favicon to show, the one it finds, or the browser's default.

If you are setting the no-cache directive for the icon file, then IE will not be able to display your icon and will display the default icon instead. " In IE and Fire Fox the is only being requested at the first page visited on the site, which means that if the requires log-in (for example your site is a closed site and requires log in) then the icon will not be displayed.

The solution is to add an exception for the favicon.ico, for example in ASP.

as a guide PLUS NOT naming it "favicon" as that seemed to clash with other cached icons.

"myicon.ico" eventually worked after it driving me mad for ages I know this is a really old topic now, but as it's the first one that came up on my google search I just wanted to add my solution to it: I had this problem as well with an icon that was supplied by a client. Adding the tags didn't work, so I started to look at the format of the icon file.

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Net you add in the web.config: Should anyone make it down to this answer: Same issue: didn't work in IE (including IE 10), worked everywhere else. I fixed this by uploading it to and then downloading it again.

First I tested it by generating a random file on this site and using that instead of my original file. I found a combination of the favicon creator link here, and using…

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