Husband dating online

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We are both in US now and have lived happily together for 5 years already. The distance, language, culture barriers are not important if two persons both want a serious relationship. He called me the next day and my heart was melted by his warm voice.We decided that we wanted to do hand writing letters like in the old day and it was so romantic.

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It was funny how he would take pictures and asked me how to decorate the house.When I found a man who could talk to me for hours and everyday, my emotional need was met.Also, my husband own houses and making enough money to date a girl near him easily but without love, why would he traveled to another country to marry, hired lawyers and gone through all the hard immigration process?He sent gifts, flowers..did not feel like we were online. His family called and my parents started to believe him too. When my friends asked me who was the groom, I told them he was coming and I had not met him yet, they were almost died to hear it. He is the same person as he told me online and I am the same girl as he would imagine. Sometimes I could not believe I could marry to someone I met online, it would be a sad story for me if he did not come and I would be a shame to my family and friends but I made a right decision. If you feel something is not right, it is not right but if everything feels so perfect, then go for it.Many of my relatives did not come to my party because they thought I was crazy but they all regret and tell me sorry now. My husband and I knew we belong to each other from the first time we talked.We both left video webcam on while we were at home and I could see him sleeping. We text on the phone and felt like we were so close to each other.

He called me every single day like a real life boyfriend. I invited everyone to my party before he came to visit me. My parents was having heart attack but he called and told them he was very serious. When someone is real, they are real, there is no doubt even online. Online relationship can work only if two people are genuine.Watching people online chat, on a web cam ect is not a valid form of "love".I don't want to upset any of you but there have been legitmate psychological studies into internet dating, it typically ends--and it ends badly..So yes it is possible to find your future husband online.My coworker and her boyfriend live near each other so that is important.They had no problem dating in real life, but their life are too busy, online is the way for them to communicate.