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Explain to your mother-in-law why social media sharing is not like running into a friend and showing them a cute picture of the grandkids. It is basic FB etiquette to always ask permission to share someone else's material.

There are three of us sisters-in-law and we all find this a great way for her to keep up with the grandkids. The aunt is widowed and has been speaking to men over Facebook and one of these men shared a photo of my daughter to his Facebook friends! I immediately asked this person (whom I've never met) to take the photo down. There is no specific setting to not allow people to share photos (you can only restrict an audience).Will it be all right for me to "re-gift" someone with the ugly gravy boat I received as a wedding present 40 years ago? — Just Wondering Dear Just Wondering: The person who re-gifted this book to you went to the trouble of choosing, wrapping and (perhaps) shipping it to you, along with a note.The giver was also transparent about the origin of the gift.— Media Mom Dear Mom: Until Facebook gives people a way to lock down their own photos, you can try to at least control who sees them by customizing your settings, restricting who sees your photos to only "friends" or a family group.This means that even if your mother-in-law (or aunt) shares a photo, it won't actually be seen by anyone outside your designated circle.The only thing you need to do is to find a recipient who might like it — and who is also kinder and more tolerant than you are.

Dear Amy: "Jaded" wondered why his executive recruiter was so offended when he tried to negotiate his salary for a new position.

Contacting the manager directly wouldn't be a bad thing. I agreed with "Jaded" that he should not be rebuffed for negotiating.

Just before Ryder turned one, doctors found a large tumor that was pushing his spine out of the way.

You should also use the FB tools for tagging, so you will be notified whenever your child is tagged.

However, it is important to remember that anyone can take a screenshot of a photo and share it freely.

Instead it’s to teach your son to find his limits and articulate them for himself. As your son matures, teach him ways to apply this formula himself.