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I decided to sleep over in Ibadan and return to Lagos the following morning.

He used to go to Cotonou and Porto Novo to buy used spare parts as well.

Journeys that took me from the lowly southern part of Enugu state to the Northernmost, the Easternmost and to the Westernmost part of world.

Fasten your seat belt as i drive you through west African coasts up to Continental Europe and Asia while MIXING TRAVELS, BUSINESS AND PLEASURE. I am not a writer, so instead of blaming me, correct me.************My name is Azubuike.

I also had a look at the world map and discovered that the world must be a vast place. My childish reasons then was to join my brother and make money. By the year 1999, i met Sunday, a friend of my brother who traveled to Ibadan to buy tokunbo spare parts, then sell them at Onitsha.

There and then, i decided that traveling would be my hobby. With money, my dream of globe trotting would be realised faster. I asked him how much it would take me to join him and he said that i could start with N100,000.

(WHO SAID YOU CANT MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE)**************Some people will be bored after chapter 1. But if you survive chapter 3 and go beyond that, you will send me a gift to say 'thanks'************I will be writing on the go, that means using mobile phones. I was born in 1980 in the Eastern state of Enugu to a Christian Parents and Teachers.

We lived in the rural area of the state and despite Enugu metropolis being 5 minutes away from my town, it took 12 years of my life to visit the Metro for the first time. My mother sent me to buy her some thick-cover exercise books.

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I marveled at the level of life people lived in the metro areas.

That was the first time i noticed that Water was for sale.

I no longer do anytin wit my system oda dan to read ur adventure and pls try and fast 4ward so we can continue from where u stoped on legend of d fvckerrrrrrzzzz CHAPTER 2: PROFIT AND RISK I spent two days following Sunday around Ibadan.