Gdi dating sorority girl

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Gdi dating sorority girl - updating formica

You see, Bros, the College Candy girls asked me that very question because they wrote themselves an article (I know I know, women writing articles when they should be making a bed, folding my unmentionables, or drawing me a bath, right? Actually, I'll skip the redundant c*nt use — I already planted that mental seed — but I will hold up on my promise of making this all cons. And sure, you can't expect girls to love every one of their sisters.

Like your f*ckin' ear has nothing better to listen to.

One of her sorority girls will inevitably be somewhere that you are: Whether on campus, or at a local bar, they are unintentionally witnessing your every move.

Think you're going to go to your favorite dive and do shit behind her back on the night she decided to stay in and wax her turd cutter? Nights like these will make you wish your girl was a social pariah.

At some point, you just kind of stop asking and/or caring what’s been said about you. It’s important to look past those preconceived ideas and get to know people for who they actually are, not for the groups they associate themselves with.

Before you know it, you've made a friend, gf, or f&%k buddy just by being friendly and open.

I was supposed to be in a fraternity, but got arrested and my parents wouldn't fork over the money after that. Myself, as well as a few other GDI friends, slayed much more poon than any frat star that I knew You just can't be a fig with no game.

hi guys im super into sorority girls only problem is im a GDI.

They seem to only want a guy in a frat wtf why is this How are you going to call out intelect, have you ever talked to a frat boy, or just while youre wasted?

Dumb ass hoe, and to the hoes who said they dont date gdi or non toptier boys, thats why you end up drunk and raped, and putting up with a phony ***** who calls himself a man.

We talked for a while, he got my number, and then made sure I got home safely. He has proven wrong many preconceived ideas I’ve had about frat boys and Greek life in general.

Fast forward a few months and that frat guy is now my boyfriend. However, I still am on the outs when it comes to some of their antics, so I decided to compile a list of signs you’re a GDI dating a frat boy.

She was in her fourth year and totally done with frat guys. I went to all of their parties and got to see what it was like to be greek, without having to spend a dime, and getting to keep my real friends. We met my senior year, dated through college, and got married after she graduated.

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