Free sex requst

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Free sex requst

Her hands were massaging his balls delaying the orgasm.Tom was licking and sucking Vivienne and at the same time he was fucking her mouth as if it was her twat. All the muscles in her pussy shrank, then turned out. Tom kept on holding Vivienne’s legs and licking her cunt.

Vivienne half-rose and looked at the guy’s face, she kissed him.You must have come to her…” It was the neighbor he’d jacked his dick off often. That’s all I can say.” Vivienne took off her light jacket.“No, I’ve come to you.” Vivienne glanced at the guy’s hand and understood what the problem was. He offered her to sit in the armchair and took the laptop into his hands. At first Tom tired to concentrate on the computer but then noticed the blouse was transparent and exposed the woman’s breasts.Vivienne masturbated Tommy for a while until the cock was ready and then lowered herself on the phallus.She started moving her pelvis impaling on the dick more and more. After that she squatted, leaned herself against the guy’s chest and kept on fucking him moving her ass only. I must be off…” She kissed his cheek, then cock and then lips.When Tom heard the doorbell he twitched and felt really frustrated.

Someone arrived and he had no opportunity to jerk off nicely.

She looked at her laptop which was broken for a couple of days and decided to act.

She had a bath, shaved her pussy, put on make-up and donned very sexy clothes: a short skirt, a transparent blouse, a thong and stockings, no bra, and a light jacket to cover her boobs seen through the fabric of the blouse.

“I’ve got a problem with my laptop and I need it urgently! ” “Well, I don’t know, I must have a look at it…” Tom hesitated, he had various thoughts in his mind, and his eyes inevitably lowered down to the woman’s legs. Besides, the skirt pulled up and the rubber band of the stockings was seen.

Vivienne passed him leaving the scent of her perfume. Tom’s cock was as hard as a rock and was stuck through the pants. She parted her legs and showed the guy what she had between them.

Toms cock had a huge head that rubbed so pleasantly against the wall of the vagina. “And this is for you…” She put her thong on the man’s chest and left the apartment…

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