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Users shouldn’t have to know or care that this is built for security under the hood, all they need to care about is being able to send cat pictures and emojis to their friends without fear of censorship or retaliation. Zom Android will have a radically different UI than the current version of Chat Secure Android, is a hard fork of the current code.Many advanced features will be hidden or removed for the sake of simplicity (with sane secure defaults of course!

In the upcoming months, we will be releasing a new version of Chat Secure Android that will be powered by the core of Conversations, as well as the first releases of Zom for i OS and Android.

The Zom fork is focused on a simplified and streamlined user experience, targeted toward a less tech-savvy crowd, but still powered by strong cryptography under the hood.

To keep the Chat Secure™ brand consistent across platforms, we are partnering with Daniel Gultsch to create a whitelabeled version of Conversations to become the new Chat Secure Android.

As I mentioned earlier, the Zom fork is focused on a simplified and streamlined user experience, targeted toward a less tech-savvy crowd.

Our goal is to produce a messenging product that is fun and easy to use, while also being secure by default, and as decentralized as possible.

Even though I intend to continue funding Chat Secure development with grants for the immediate future, I still think it would be wise to begin diversifying our funding portfolio.

Despite living in Berkeley, with a close physical and social proximity to the frothy tech scene of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, I still have no desire to seek VC funding for Chat Secure.They are calling it OMEMO (OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption), and it’s a genius way to adapt Text Secure’s fantastic Axolotl protocol in a way that’s compatible with almost every existing XMPP server (anything that supports PEP).The source code to the current version of Chat Secure Android will soon be reaching end-of-life, and all new features and maintenance of that code will be happening in the Zom Android fork.Under the hood, it will still support OTR, XMPP, Tor, SQLCipher, certificate pinning, and all that crypto goodness that you expect, all bundled up behind a shiny new interface designed to hide or minimize the vast majority of the complexity.No use in having a secure messenger if it’s as hard to setup and use securely as PGP, right?My experience with the VC scene, although mostly pleasant, has made it very clear that traditional VC is a tough fit for open source privacy / security software.