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From time to time, a resident will bring forward the highly controversial idea of imposing a curfew bylaw for teens. Albert does not currently have a curfew, and according to St.Albert City Councillor Cathy Heron, this is not likely to happen any time soon.

Says one local teen we spoke to, “Most of the people who are giving us a hard time grew up in the seventies,” he laughs. In this regard, the youth of the city follow the same rules as the adults.

For other teens, logistics or expense is the reason they do not participate in organized activities.

Whatever the reason, the common denominator seems to be this: many kids face a lot of unstructured free time in the summer.

Albert tweens and teens looking for something to do, what expectations and stereotypes do they face in our community? But hyperbole aside, is there any validity to that sentiment? Albert, if you’re not involved in sports (or a similar organized activity) or don’t have the ability to drive yourself into Edmonton to access amenities there, it may start to feel like, yes, there’s nothing to do. Albert area teens who were interviewed for the purpose of this article.

Overwhelmingly, the teens interviewed expressed that there were not enough youth-friendly things to do in St.

Albert, though about three-quarters of them did say they are involved in extra-curricular activities outside of school.

The problem, they point out, is finding something that is actually fun or interesting to them versus something their parents want them to do.

This was a decision the city got a lot of bad press over, with many people believing it was council who decided to pull the plug. Albert City Councillor Cathy Heron, council wanted to act quickly to fill the void left after the youth centre closed down.

To council’s surprise, says Heron, what they discovered was that kids didn’t actually want a replacement drop-in centre.

That’s something teens sometimes get upset over, particularly if they feel they were not causing a problem in the first place.

“I think for us,” says 18-year-old Erica Tosto, “a lot of older people just automatically assume we’re up to no good, and it’s not fair.

Plus, I’m not as comfortable leaving her there yet, only because it’s farther away if I need to get there quickly.” It goes without saying that not all adults look at teenagers as potential troublemakers.