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“Playboy” is an old-fashioned word, but it captures the antics of the young heir, who experienced all the drawbacks of too-much-too-soon trust-fund kids.As a student at the University of Pennsylvania, for example, he rented a 10-bedroom house for parties and fun.

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Mellon didn’t look as though he belonged with the other 17 defendants.

Matthew and Tamara were married at Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of the Dukes of Marlborough, in the presence of 300 friends.

They lived in grand style in Belgravia and had a daughter named Araminta, who is now four and always referred to as Minty Mellon.

She reportedly cleared 0 million when she sold her majority shareholding in 2004. In 2000 she married Matthew Mellon, whose father had committed suicide when Matthew was 18, and who inherited million when he turned 21.

Though there were 13 more trusts to come, Matthew was brought up by his mother in New York City to think that he wasn’t one of the Mellons.

He was the last to be called to hear the charge against him read aloud and to hear the judge set the date for his next court appearance.

Should he be convicted, he faces five years in jail, but that is highly unlikely.

It’s easy to be flip about a man who is usually referred to in newspaper articles and gossip columns as “the scion of one of America’s wealthiest banking and oil families,” especially if the references have to do with cocaine, girls, parties, yachts, rehabs, divorce, and money.

Stories about one such man have been more serious in tone, however, since he was arrested by the British police on a strange-sounding charge: conspiracy to cause unauthorized modification of computer material.

In 1995, Tamara had gone into business with her neighborhood cobbler, Jimmy Choo, backed by her wealthy father, the late Thomas Yeardye, a colorful fellow who had been engaged in the 1950s to Diana Dors, the British version of Jayne Mansfield.

Tamara knew what rich young women like her wanted, and she targeted that audience.

But Matthew, who had a history of drug problems, eventually fell back into his old bad habits—disappearing, acting up—and the fairy-tale marriage fell apart in 2003.