Florida dating classifieds

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Robert Long was arrested on November 16, 1984, and charged with the sexual battery and kidnapping of Lisa Mc Vey.

He was tried and convicted for rape in 1981 but requested a new trial which was granted. Before Long killed in Florida, he lived in Long Beach, California on the 2500 Block of Eucalyptus Avenue where he rented a room from a woman named Kathy.

Long was born in October 14, 1953 in Kenova, West Virginia to Joe and Louetta Long.

He was born with an extra X chromosome, because of which he grew breasts during puberty, for which he was severely teased.

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There he bound his victims with rope and ligature collars he fashioned using a variety of rope knots, later confessing that he derived sadistic pleasure from the abduction, rape and brutal murder of his victims.

Some he strangled, others he killed by slitting their throats or bludgeoning.

He married his high school girlfriend in 1974, with whom he had two children before she filed for divorce in 1980.

Prior to the Tampa Bay area murders, Long had committed at least 50 rapes as the "Classified Ad Rapist" in Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Miami and Dade County.

He dated a 17-year-old girl across the street from his rented room.