Filing for bankruptcy after consolidating credit cards

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”Once you know the cost to file bankruptcy, paying it is the #1 problem most clients have.

Filing for bankruptcy will have a short term negative impact on your credit rating, but not filing for bankruptcy may be worse.The amount of court filing fees might be confusing. The money for filing fees is used to pay the operating costs of the court. Why don’t lawyers charge everyone the same bankruptcy fee? The time and effort to do your neighbor’s bankruptcy case might be a lot more than it takes to do yours. Those differences directly affect the cost to file bankruptcy. “Bait and switch” advertising has been around for a long time. We will tell you if we see any troublesome problems.Many people thing a filing fee is an extra fee that goes to your lawyer. But some lawyers advertise a flat fee for everybody, don’t they? (Think mortgage brokers, car dealers, jewelry stores, appliances stores, mattress stores, etc.) That’s because a new sucker is born every minute. Going to a lawyer who plays “switcheroo” games on your fee is just asking for trouble later on. You will meet with a bankruptcy expert having years of experience. We will not recommend bankruptcy unless you need it. We will reduce our fees for anyone with an extreme hardship.Generally, you do not want to incur more credit card debt, however you may want to get one credit card for emergencies or for contingencies such as booking plane tickets or car rentals.Remember, the whole point of filing for bankruptcy in the first place was to rid yourself of debt and get a fresh start, not to get into debt all over again.What could I have done differently and what should I do differently in the future? Your answers will help you create a better financial afterlife in the wake of a bankruptcy.

Many of my clients tell me that they were able to obtain a new car loan immediately after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, even while it is still on their credit report.

There are reputable companies available who will help you to build your credit back up.

This can be explained more during your free initial consultation.

Not filing for bankruptcy and continuing to incur late fees, legal charges and judgements will continue to bring down your credit until you do something about it.

You really need to ask yourself several key questions including, 'how did I get here?

Thus, you should not file a bankruptcy if you need the option of doing it again in the next few years.