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Kerim takes the blame for the entire incident and accepts to marry Fatmagul, though Kerim is not sure whether he really was a part of the crime or not.He was totally passed out when the gang rape took place.

Fortunately, Meryam, Kerim’s aunt is a source of strength to Fatmagul and she supports her during this entire ordeal.Talk about the boyfriend in Turkey, you’ll hear: “Just be careful. ” The only thing you can do is look on in disbelief as they squash every inch of passion and hope you had for your life in Turkey. But, the good news is, you can overcome that sour taste you feel when you meet one by handing them a ‘spoon full of sugar’. The thing is, no matter how negative they can be, they actually love Turkey. Tap into their positive experiences and that’s when you find the gems they have to offer. It is during this period that she encounters the inebriated gang of boys.Being intoxicated with drinks and drugs, they gang rape Fatmagul.Fatmagul is engaged to marry a fisherman named Mustafa (Firat Celik) and she’s eagerly waiting to tie the knot as she desires to get away from her nagging sister-in-law.

Kerim (Engin Akyurek) is a blacksmith who stays with his aunt Meryam.

The Turkish serial ‘Fatmagul’ is a much talked about serial which is being aired on Zindagi channel. It is based on the novel written by Vedat Turkali, a famous turkish novelist.

The story revolves around Fatmagul played by the attractive Beren Saat who is the main protagonist, a young and a simple turkish girl who stays with her brother and her sister-in-law. The serial is set in the scenic and breathtaking shorelines of Turkey.

Kerim agrees to marry Fatmagul, buckling under the pressure of the rich and influential perpetrators. They assume that the easiest way to get out of this mess, was by getting Kerim married to Fatmagul as they both belong to the same strata of society.

This confirms that many grave crimes like rape are hushed under the influence of power and money.

They keep an eye on their young family members, an eye on the elderly and an eye on their neighbours – who wish the Turkish .