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He told how his sibling suffered more than 90 injuries, including being stabbed in the liver, spleen, lungs and heart with a four-and-a-half inch knife.

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Just three days later, on July 13, 2014, police found her dead in her flat in Liverpool.

And now Stephan, from Wirral, Merseyside, is determined that his sister's death will not in vain.

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If only I'd been there."He was savage, her injuries were unbelievable.

He'd even ripped through her ribcage."When the judge sentenced him to life in prison it was justice of sorts, but all I really want is my beloved sister back.

He said: "I used to check up on her all the time, I was incredibly protective."One day when I was taking her over some shopping, I noticed she was looking brighter, and she told me she'd met someone online."She showed me their messages to one another and I was horrified.

They were very sexual and he'd even sent her pictures of his privates."I feared he was just after one thing, and told her as much.

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Stephan begged her to end the relationship after hearing that Hawke used to "push his sister around."But Sharon told her brother that she was "just desperate to be loved" and stopped speaking to him shortly after.