Ecite adult chat

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Ecite adult chat

Their solution also addressed how to make chat services into a profitable business.In 1995 AOL acquired Ubique, which was described by AOL as a client-server software architecture allowing people to virtually meet and interact.

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The time this takes varies depending on the connection.

This assists with implementing the idea of “presence” in the community, as the server knows who is connected and where they are chatting at all times.

A disadvantage of persistent connections is the proliferation of server side connections as the number of chatters grows.

When Excite (later merged with @Home to become [email protected]) crashed at the end of the dot com boom, a group of former Excite employees acquired the rights to use the software and launched

They planned to create a service they built upon the strengths of VP chat – the virtual places web page paradigm, avatars, tours, and games – while addressing the community management problems associated with the unrestricted graphics used in avatars.

A likely factor in this decision was the problem of controlling the content of avatars, which can be a problem for a family oriented service.

The service remained and drew at its peak tens of thousands of concurrent chatters at Excite.There is very low overhead associated with chat traffic.The avatars, up to 16K bytes each, are a potential source of performance problems.The rooms do not have names that appear in the public chat room list so uninvited users cannot find them and enter.The chat protocol is proprietary, although Ubique at one time documented a subset and offered it as an Internet standard for buddy list and instant messaging. In the late 1990s, Ubique was purchased by the Lotus division of IBM, and a second generation protocol was developed which is now in use by the Lotus Sametime instant messenger.Many chat systems deal with scale of connections by using non-persistent UDP based connections, at the expense of accurate, up-to-date presence information for all the chatters.

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