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His survival as a mind-cleansed servant of the technologically advanced, conformity-obsessed Nebari is the big twist that opens the episode, but it’s just one of several ways in which the episode defies expectations.Three guest characters come aboard Moya in this episode: one who Rygel has met before, one who we only know briefly, and one who ends the episode as the newest member of our band of fugitives.

Even here, “Jeremiah Crichton” never quite hits the mark, particularly in the final scene between Rygel and Kato-Re.

Such stories aren’t nearly as good a fit for Farscape, as Crichton—even when he displays more intellectual curiosity than he does here—always has his own agenda and isn’t interested in solving some other people’s problems.

The only character somewhat well-served by this episode is Rygel, who the Acquarans hail as their Masata, or god.

The latter’s deep, unqualified respect for his Dominar is a potentially interesting portrayal of an alien culture, one that happily incorporates Rygel as its absolute monarch.

But, as Claudia Black points out on the commentary, it’s just all too painfully earnest, particularly when this is Rygel we’re talking about.

In fairness, the episode does start promisingly enough.

Crichton having a complete breakdown onboard Moya is a notion worth exploring, and it’s a great touch to have him snap at Zhaan when she doesn’t understand the idiom “fed up,” as he angrily observes that this sort of thing that was cute the first six billion times it happened.Nobody gives a good performance here—as Kato-Re, John O’Brien comes the closest, but he doesn’t convey much beyond bland decency—although it’s hard to fault the actors too much when they are given nothing to play.Deni Gordon plays Neera as a scheming, dastardly villain, but her over-the-top approach seems especially silly when the episode provides no sense of why any of her plotting matters, least of all to Crichton and his shipmates.You’re already starting from a great plan.” Until the big Rygel reveal, all the episode offers by way of story is the power struggle between Kato-Re, the Acquarans’ Grondeer, and Neera, the high prieston, and the love triangle between Crichton, Kato-Re’s daughter Lishala, and Neera’s son Rokon.None of that is terribly inspiring, but even that could perhaps have worked if not for the fact that Crichton doesn’t want anything to do with the tribe.The big reveal that this is an abandoned Hynerian colony only barely makes sense—the empire could presumably include humanoid races, but why would Rygel X send them into the Uncharted Territories, and why would he knock out all power?