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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven semi-autonomous emirates, with an estimated resident population of 4.5 million, of which only 21 percent are citizens.The seven emirate rulers constitute the Federal Supreme Council, the highest legislative and executive body.

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Public prosecutors may order that detainees be held up to 21 days without charge.Representatives of religious and national communities regularly met with prisoners.Representatives from the General Women's Union (GWU), a local organization partially funded by the government, regularly met with female prisoners, helped them financially, and paid airfare, when necessary, to repatriate noncitizens after their release. Arbitrary Arrest or Detention The constitution prohibits arbitrary arrest and detention; however, there were reports that the government held persons in official custody without charge; and that the government charged individuals but denied them a preliminary judicial hearing within a reasonable period.The law permits indefinite incommunicado detention without appeal, and in one case the government held a prisoner incommunicado for several months at least.Role of the Police and Security Apparatus The federal Ministry of Interior oversees Police General Directorates in each of the seven emirates; however, each emirate, via its corresponding Police General Directorate, maintains its own police force and supervises the police stations therein.The Council selects a president and vice president from its membership; the president, in turn, appoints the prime minister and cabinet.

In November 2004 the Council selected Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate, as head of state for a five-year term.

Again during the year, there were reports of prison overcrowding in Abu Dhabi and Dubai prisons.

Noncitizens represented approximately 75 percent of all prisoners. Conditions for women were equal to or slightly better than those for men.

The government opened criminal cases against more than 65 persons, convicting at least 22, for trafficking-related offenses against women and children.

In December, President Khalifa announced, and the Supreme Ruling Council endorsed, a decision to indirectly elect half of the consultative FNC.

The following human rights problems exist or were reported: • no citizens' right to change the government and no popularly elected representatives of any kind • flogging as judicially sanctioned punishment • arbitrary detention • incommunicado detention permitted by law • questionable independence of the judiciary • restrictions on civil liberties--freedom of speech and of the press, and assembly • restrictions on right of association, particularly for human rights groups • restrictions on religious freedom • domestic abuse of women, sometimes enabled by police • trafficking in women and children • legal and societal discrimination against women and noncitizens • corruption and lack of government transparency • abuse of foreign domestic servants • restrictions on and abuses of workers' rights.

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