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Afterwards, Niko calls Roman to tell him about his date, and asks for some advice on clothes.

Mallorie introduces you to Michelle, and recommends that the two of you get together some time.The first chapter of Grand Theft Auto IV begins in Broker, Liberty City, where you take missions from Roman Bellic, Little Jacob and a group of hardcore Eastern European characters.During this chapter, Niko reveals his motivations for coming to Liberty City.Roman has to leave after a quick chat with Niko, but invites him to meet him later at the taxi depot.After the cutscene, various instructions are given on how to save the game and how to store cars at the safehouse.The business shut down a long time ago, but some guys still play cards there.

Before going into the store, Roman leaves you with his old cellphone and asks you to call him if any Albanians show up in a beige Willard. Remain stationary in the car and look out for the Albanians.Approximately a minute later, the Albanians show up and park their car on the pavement opposite the hardware store.Access the menu on the cellphone and call Roman to warn him.Once you have control of Niko, drive back to the "mansion" on Mohawk Avenue, Hove Beach, and stop in the yellow marker to trigger the cutscene.Niko is less than impressed with the mansion, to say the very least.During the cutscene, Roman spots Dardan - another loanshark - trying to make a run for it. Eventually, he will abandon his car at the Twitchins Sugar Factory near the bridge at Charge Island, so you have to follow him up the stairs and into the factory.