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They can be worn loose like a bracelet or with a tighter fit.

You don’t want to have to remember to backup, and Debian provides some easy ways of regularly running scripts.

Perfect to group a few together tone on tone or to create shock pairings.

# Backup wordpress rm -R /mnt/backups/wordpress/*; mysqlhotcopy -u root --password=Roots Pass Word wordpress /mnt/backups/wordpress/; tar -cf /mnt/backups/wordpress//mnt/backups/wordpress/*; rm /mnt/backups/wordpress/wordpress/wp*; rmdir /mnt/backups/wordpress/wordpress/; gzip /mnt/backups/wordpress/wordpress.tar; My SQL dump is another method, there’s a useful article on backing up with mysqldump.

I’ve tried adding things to my ‘crontab’, but it didn’t seem to work.

I’ve found it best to just add things manually to the main crontab file.

As root, open the crontab file ( That wil run at am each sunday, as root. Most backup pages I’ve come across don’t actually tell you how to restore your data!

Trying not to fall into that trap, if everything goes pear-shaped and you have to restore something the process is simply to copy the file across, or for a database: That is the basic building blocks of a back-up plan, if you’ve any questions, comments or improvements feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll update the page.

So depending on your own style, mood or outfit, you can create either a unique co-ordinated look or a striking fashion statement.

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For more advanced usage, there are some good ideas & scripts on the Bytemark forum.