Dating your best friend and breaking up

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Dating your best friend and breaking up

Then suddenly they aren’t calling you back as often, you’re always the one asking to hang out, and they don’t confide in you like they used to.

The transition from college to adulthood, for example, can slowly drive a wedge between undergrad buds—much like graduating from high school may have disconnected you from a homeroom BFF.You’ve always patched things up before, but this time you’re staring at your phone after sending an apology text and there’s nothing but silence.Next thing you know, you haven’t heard from your friend in months.“If one person wants more of a relationship than the other, it rarely works.” No matter how innocuous the reasons are for a former friend falling off the face of the earth, losing them is still incredibly painful—sometimes equally (if not more) painful than breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend.“We get flowers and sympathy when we breakup with a romantic partner, but not when we breakup with a friend,” Pyror says. D., a licensed clinical psychologist who’s helped many individuals mourn the loss of a BFF, recommends a minimum of six weeks. In the interim, make yourself a priority, she adds.You’d like to confront them, but what would you say?

It’s clear the friendship has expired and your former pal is not interested in reviving it. Epic arguments or disagreements can dissolve a friendship.If you really don’t know why you were broken up with, acknowledge that. “Just because a friendship ends doesn’t mean that negates what came before," Levine says.And if things are really debilitating, talk with a mental health professional for more focused guidance and support, Durvasula recommends.Often one friend may be more of the smothering type, overwhelming the other with text messages, calls, or emails, explains Liz Pryor, author of .Few of us like to be suffocated, so if the smotherer doesn’t relent, the overwhelmed friend ends up pulling back or cuts off correspondence entirely just to get some breathing room.“Friendships are voluntary relationships that have to be reciprocal,” Levine adds.The end of a relationship can be a call to examine what types of people you’re just not compatible with, what you may be doing that upsets others, or what kind of company you’re attracting—and whether you want things to remain that way.“If similar problems recur across different relationships, you need to dig deeper to find out what role you’ve played in these breakups, Levine says.”If you’ve noticed a troublesome pattern but you’re drawing a giant question mark on how to tweak it for the better, call in the professionals.

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