Dating swr amplifiers

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Dating swr amplifiers - donwlod durasi panjang kakek ngentot menantu 2 sekaligus

I was looking for a small and fairly light weight amp (once again) for my DB which I need a few times a year and would also use it with a Smith bass when needed.After calling a few guys I know in the business, one local shop mentioned that they had an SWR Working Pro 10 on the floor, brand new and only demoed occasionally in the store. Way back when the KSD project started with 'Brooklyn Gear', they were also the EBS importer. Now, I wanted something smaller and more affordable.

Need some help deciding between a Pre Washburn Eden Metro and a Pre-Fender SWR Redhead 240W combo amp. Eden on the other hand,pushed verrrrry hard,'till all the bells,whistles and lights are flashing. I've never had an issue with anything Eden; from '98 forward. Eden gives a 2 year warranty on their amps and cabs. I could play lines with infinite sustain using my left hand only, as if I was Carlos Santana.Of course the Acoustic Image is much more expensive than the SWR.I think it might depend on the bass and pickup you use as well as strings. A thin sounding bass acoustically will have a problems with treble in an amp.Using an 1890 Lamy 7/8 French Gamba with g,d,a Evah weichs, spiro e and a shadow 2-wing piezo (Underwood style), the sound in my opinion is excellent. You can turn the horn/tweeter off and the treble down as well.Also, I am sorry I didn't get one 5 or 6 years ago. __________________ Ken Smith ~ Smith Basses https:// https:// I used one for a few years.

Not bad, for a modestly priced bass guitar amp, but it is definitely voiced for bass guitar.So, I drove down today, listened to him play it and show me what it does, and in minutes I bought it. A few guys on the forum here in both the DB & BG sections have mentioned this amp before. I don't know much about the combo amps on the market today because I haven't shopped for one in a long long time. Price was a factor as well for me being that I only need it on occasion.Playing around with it here in the shop I see how simple and versatile this little giant is. Having heard this with a Smith bass in the store today (Bass Specialties) and trying it briefly with a DB just now, I am glad I have it. So, if you have any experience with this SWR Working Pro 10, I would like to hear from you again if you posted in the past and I didn't respond.I am not familiar with the earlier models of this amp. Much lighter than my EBS 15 but I have wheels in that now.Just lifting it in and out of the car or up and down stairs is a drag. I still would like something like a luggage carrier to walk with it and type of distance over 20 feet.I tried for years to avoid shelling out for a fancy specialized upright bass amp but eventually broke down and don't regret it. I see that, like Sam, my experience was with the Workingman's 10, not the Working Pro.

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