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That first year was really hard to navigate because I knew every time my friend saw the story on TV or online, it would be really difficult for her.Every time, it would basically force her to relive the accident again and again.

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The truth is: We had some drinks but we had actually come home early, looking forward to winding down.If they had gotten their story, she would never have a normal life again, forced to answer questions that are no one's right to ask. I don't regret keeping her out of my interviews, which led to a lot of recovery and healing for me along the way.I was flattered that people were interested in my story, and I got letters from all over the world from people who had gained strength and inspiration after hearing about my perseverance.That backlash has made sharing my story difficult over the years.I have even been judged, which I was not prepared for as I recovered in the hospital and attempted to regain some semblance of a normal life.And my dear friend who had only innocent intentions is not just the girl who pushed me, but a friend who will likely carry some level of guilt with her for the rest of her life.

I was asked by numerous media outlets who the girl was who pushed me and led to my paralysis.

It's how they respond to that accident in the aftermath.

I've come to accept that some comments on the Internet can be cruel, and I don't think my friend should have to be subjected to that by having her personal information out there.

Ray J expressed firmly that he did not want Princess hanging with his ex assistant Morgan.

Things got heated and Princess threw liquor on Ray J but only ended up falling in the pool.

I dissected every sentence, making sure to tell the story without saying anything that might hurt her.