Dating restaurants bangalore

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Dating restaurants bangalore

While we do realize that there’s nothing that stands against the unbeatable hustle of the city, this can be your chance to scoop away your love to someplace that is the epitome of romance, love, and calm.(Statutory Warning – These dinners are romantic, may cause excitement, happiness, love, and one great first impression) Who says romance should be limited to the outdoors, nestled on the busy streets of the city’s start-up hub, Koramangala is this quaint and quiet cafe.

If you think dining by the pool is passé, then a dinner by a breathtaking fish pond is what you’re looking for.

A month before, I happened to visit Grasshopper – A European restaurant through an invitation from a venture to experience the food and service offered by them.

The Grasshopper is located amidst a farm, off Bannerghatta Road.

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This gorgeous glass house bistro on Lavelle Road is pretty famous for its super classy ambiance and lip-smacking food.

The canopy, the setting sun, the gorgeous ambiance, and their delectable Mediterranean and European cuisine makes this one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore that is just perfect for an indulging date night.

This restaurant has everything that spells romance in the old world sense.The property is huge and beautiful, one must definitely visit. As I mentioned earlier, they are into fusion European cuisine.Also, they do prepare food according to guest’s preference.Below are the dishes I have had during my visit to Grasshopper These 3 desserts also made in house and the quality and taste are top notch, which cannot be compared with others. Since this place is to spend some valuable time along with the food. It will take minimum 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish this 7 Course Meal.About the Owners & Place: Sonali Sattar and Himanshu Dimri moved to Bangalore in 1993 after graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.Also, they only cater to seven tables every day so a prior reservation is much recommended.