Dating religious women

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Dating religious women

In fact, 80 percent of unmarried Millennials who self-identify as evangelicals have had sex, according to a study from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Yet, if you belong to a religious tradition, it’s easy to feel like you missed the boat by not finding your spouse in college. Many a joke has been made about the “ring by spring or your money back” refrain sung by Bible colleges (aka, “bridal colleges”).With premarital sex on the table for a hefty percentage of religious Millennials, the pull of marriage seems a little bit weaker.It’s a less one-sided version of the old adage: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” I hesitate to include this, mainly because I don’t mean to bash the men out there, but I came across too many people who affirmed this notion.Kevin De Young, author of Just Do Something, says that a number of commentators, Christians included, have noticed a trend in Millennial men — they aren’t growing up.Still, it seems that an increasing number of faithful Millennials are putting off marriage into their late twenties and beyond.

So, why are religious Millennials waiting to tie the knot?Not only that, but religious Millennials view their professions as honoring God.Katelyn Beaty in Christianity Today had this to say: “Jesus and Paul, we know, spoke highly of the gift of singleness, as a chance to devote greater and undistracted attention to their ministry.This Valentine, we are appealing to the religious single women to accommodate atheists as potential spouses and not exclude them on the basis that they do not believe in God.In AIK, we have very moral, fun and faithful single atheists who do not mind dating Christians, Muslims or Hindus.My own Christian perspective frames the following list of five reasons, but I ran it by my best friend, who agreed she’s seen similar situations play out within the Muslim context.

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