Dating rejection hotline

17-Jul-2015 19:08 by 10 Comments

Dating rejection hotline

We get it – rejection’s not fun, so how do you deal with it?

But part of dating is opening yourself up to someone else, and with that comes the possibility that they may not respond the way you want them to.

Like we said before, you might feel disappointed or upset after being told no.

These feelings are normal and you can definitely work through them!

Maybe you asked out that cutie from chemistry, and they said no.

You probably felt disappointed, embarrassed, sad, upset, or maybe a little angry.

The “fake number for real fuckbois” is programmed with a series of signature replies that fend of creepers, so you don’t have to. Ali after hearing his female friends’ horror stories, the Boy Bye Bot is designed to reject cheesy pick-up lines and late-night booty calls.

The service even directs its victim to donate to Planned Parenthood as one of its token replies.

And hey, even though one person said no, that doesn’t mean you’ll never find someone else who says yes.

If you’ve got dating questions and need to talk to someone, our peer advocates are here to listen and support you.

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If someone asks for your phone number and you don't want to give it to them, get rid of them discreetly by giving them the number for the rejection hotline.

Just remember that your whole self-worth doesn’t have to be wrapped up in whether or not someone wants to date you – there’s so much more to you than who you’re dating!