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The scripts are slow and have additional built-in delays.

This next script then downloads the binary from the specified offset, decodes it and runs the resulting exe.Definitely DO NOT follow the advice they give to enable macros or enable editing to see the content.Most of these malicious word documents either appear to be totally blank or look something like these images when opened in At this time, these only infect windows computers.I have only seen Windows malware at this time using either word docs or js files.However java script is a cross browser and cross Operating system program, so be very careful and do not open any attachments on any device.A very high proportion are being targeted at small and medium size businesses, with the hope of getting a better response than they do from consumers.

I have heard of loads of these today all coming from random senders at

Update 1 February 2016: I have now received 1 copy directly today sent to an email account associated with a charity that I manage the website for.

Most of these are more directly targeted at small businesses, charities and organisations that regularly advertise as looking for staff and/or volunteers and consequently are more likely to open the attachment without thinking and be infected.

Update 1 February 2016: another set of these again today ( Virus Total) Waiting for analysis.

The automatic tools have problems getting the payload & download locations from these.

I haven’t received any personally and this one was sent to me by a friend in USA who analysed the content and got the downloaded malware.