Dating in kolkata

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Dating in kolkata - school based program to prevent dating violence

This adds a special aura to the place, which is not only enjoyable for the elders but also to the children.The garden during picnic seasons and holidays remains packed with people.

Locanto also has categories catering to gays and lesbians.

The plants are not just showy and elegant but some also have many medicinal properties.

Their aroma fills the atmosphere, which is utterly refreshing in the mornings.

The garden abounds in many rare species of trees apart from varieties of tress and plants.

Some of the important rare trees are Amherstia Nobiles, Monodora Grandiflora, Saraca Thaipingensis and Pterygota alta Diversifolia among many others.

As a whole the garden seems to be bright with colourful flowers and fruits.

There is also a natural fountain that can be spotted around the southwestern side of the garden gate.Different varieties of climbers, cactus, shrubs, garden plants and aromatic plants can be traced in the garden, which is located in the sprawling 63 bighas of land.The garden, apart from the flower garden, also constitutes of green houses, a library, Tissue Culture Laboratory, training center, nurseries and hostel facilities for students of the Cary Institute, research laboratory, along with an Administrative office and Secreterial Residential complex.The city houses various Museums, libraries, British administrative offices, Historic hotels, City parks, Statues and memorials, Sports venues, Markets and malls, Places of worship, Bridges, British-era clubs, British-era buildings, Educational institutes of academic and historical interest, Amusement parks etc.Some of them are Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Howrah Bridge, National Library of India, St. The Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is one of the oldest fine arts societies in India. It was initially located in a room loaned by the Indian Museum, and the annual exhibitions used to take place in the adjoining verandah.Presently, the easiest way to reach there is by passing over the Vidyasagar Setu as one of the exits from this bridge leads to the garden.