Dating gousha maps

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Dating gousha maps

For many years the company used a macron over the A (Goushā or Goushá) to emphasize the correct pronunciation. Brands under the Gousha imprint from the 1970s onward included Chek-Chart and Fastmap, one of the first lines of laminate-encapsulated maps.

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This guide provides information on resources for cartographic resources, maps, and spatial data and geographic information systems (GIS).If only 2 digits exist after the letter, they seem to be a code for the area.These codes can usually be found on the very bottom of a RM map either on the left or right. Following the end of the free-road-map era, Gousha distributed maps through retailers, and published a number of travel guides and other travel-related books. Gousha Company was one of the "Big Three" major producers of road maps and atlases in the United States during the 25 years following World War II, making maps for free distribution by oil companies and auto clubs.Click on the tabs above to explore content available through the University of Delaware Library.

This 1906 The University of Delaware Library has been Congressionally designated as a depository library in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) since June 30, 1897.

The digits were not relevant to the date of the map - they were used to indicate the map masters and to assist in the filing of the map.

The older maps quite often did not have any numbers at all - just letters.

Maps could be found in major bookstores, gas stations, and under other companies imprint.

Finally, the company was purchased by Rand Mc Nally in 1996; by then, Viacom had become the parent of Simon & Schuster.

Its production facility in Texas was closed and virtually all workers laid off.

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