Dating during custody battle

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Dating during custody battle

I would definately not marry someone after that- if they didn't warn me. I might change my mind about relationships..marriage?

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I want to be able to SEND HIM HOME when I am done with him lol. My husband has an open case from child protective services against him. I would definately not marry someone after that- if they didn't warn me. How does dating during divorce/custody battle effect things? But regardless- he said to stay away from men until this is all done. Not everyone wants to get married in the first place so it's just a matter of finding someone else like that too.

I don't know if they did end up getting married or not.

and hope he finds someone.I do NOT want him introducing random women to the kids unless he's sure they are serious.

and NEVER want to go through this divorce stuff again. Many people move on because they've found soemone else.

Parents interested in obtaining sole or 'full' custody often end up in court, engaged in a difficult child custody battle because neither party is willing to compromise to reach an agreement.

In such cases, the court will ultimately determine who will win child custody—and the outcomes can be surprising.

This means doing your homework, hiring an experienced and qualified family law attorney, and taking the time to understand the child custody laws in your state.

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