Dating bronze age axe heads

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Grain impressions (mainly barley) have also been found on some Beaker pottery.

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A C14 date of 1,300 or - 90 BC has been obtained from wood from the shaft. Other feature which may have had a ritual significance are stone circles, standing stones, henges and carvings on stones.Inside the walls, a double row of posts ran the length of the building, creating a central chamber.Altogether, the structure covered 5,000 square feet, making it the biggest Bronze Age structure discovered north of the Alps.A more settled economy is indicated, however, by finds of grain rubbers, paired postholes which may have been corn- drying racks, and oval settings of postholes and stone packing which may have been huts or enclosures.There have been finds of bone implements (particularly at Northton, Isle of Harris, Western Isles) which may indicate a settled pastoral economy.What they were doing buried outside of Dermsdorf became the question.

We had had signs of a settlement from the Middle Ages, but we had no clue there were Bronze Age finds, says Küssner.

Before uncovering the ax heads, the only things the team had turned up were post moldsdark stains in the soil that show where wooden posts had once been planted as a frame for a house.

With the discovery of the axes, Küssner and his team began taking a harder look at the surrounding area.

The period was divided into the Early Bronze Age (c2300 - 1400 BC), the Middle Bronze Age (c1400 - 1000 BC), and the Late Bronze Age (c1000 - 700 BC).

It has now been redefined as the Early Bronze Age (c2300 - 1200 BC), and Later Bronze Age (c 1200 - 700 BC).

He knew that his team of archaeologists was working atop a medieval site, but the bulldozer uncovered something even more surprisinga handful of dull green ax heads lying in the soil.

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