Dating after being best friends

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Dating after being best friends - dating winchester 9422

I can honestly say that I would not sleep with my mates as they don't interest me as they are male and I prefer female.On a more serious note tho, a short while ago I happened upon an article that covered this question of a man and woman being platonic friends and the answer they gave was no, the platonic relationship will start out as such but sooner or later one or the other will start to think that maybe they should go further and in some cases the love style relationship works and in others it doesn't and in the cases of a love relationship not working there is also the numbers who remain as good friends and the numbers for not seeing each other again.

Speaking in generalities here to avoid potential embarassment to.... The answer to this question, according to the 'common wisdom', is - don't do it.Sexualizing a (true meaningful already long term) friendship tends not to work out too well.There are exceptions, and I'm sure I'm about to hear all about them, but ask yourselves how many of your friends, and the people you know, have large numbers of former sexual partners still in their group of current friends.I have a lot of great guy, and women friends, and a lot still from my teen years, so I don't think we can't be platonic, I sometimes forget I'm a girl with my guy mates, only when they tease me do I remember.My two dearest guy friends I've known both for over 30 years - longer than any of our relationships - although mine was the longest.One is my best friend and no we couldn't do the deed it would be too weird, but I love him to death and him me. The other was a friend, became my first love, we went back to being friends for quite a few years and were fine, lost touch and would catch up occasionally over the years.

He was one of the first of my old friends I caught up with and has been a good friend again for a couple of years now, while still respecting his relationship - there's a reason we fell in love, he is a wonderful man/human being and I love his company.I do have to say the boundaries might be little more blurred maybe, but something we were actually able to discuss because we do love (platonically this time), trust and respect each other still, and treasure our friendship. Personally, I believe I've always fallen in love with good friends. I like learning what makes people laugh, building trust, exploring boundaries, establishing respect... If I identify a potential "happy space" in one of my friendships, I really have to explore the friendship on a lot of levels, before I know I want to be there, and am sure we are both going to accept each other just as we are, and be good for each other. I personally don't think sex should be kept as some far off "upper realm" of relationship.Being a parent adds quite a few more considerations too. It's an important consideration too, even more so if your considering turning a friendship into a long term relationship. You both wake up and say "Damn, that was good lets do it again...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Do you think its possible to be friends with someone,become lovers and afterwards go back to being friends successfully? Do you think you can really get back to how you were before you became intimate?People seem to have very differing opinions on whether men and women can even be platonic friends let alone remain so after having sex. No im not doing the business with my mates..just curious!