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Danish dating girls - dating magazines for good content yabb

The more years she spends in them, the less likely she will be able to please you, physically and emotionally.

By the second week in Copenhagen I got into four heated arguments with Danish girls after two months in Iceland without having one.

She’s reduced to trolling Internet dating sites with high contrast photos that hide what the unmerciful hands of time have done to her face.

While I don’t like older women, in Denmark they were great for breaking slumps since getting them into bed was easier and more straightforward with less flakiness. While she can be young, I usually saw them in their late twenties.

It’s a bad sign when an American has to tell someone of another country they’re being arrogant, since we’re generally the most arrogant assholes on Earth.

The second type of Danish “girl” is the older woman, starting at 30 years of age.

For you, the most pleasant interactions will come from the youngest Danish girls you can find. — The above article was adapted from my newest release, Don't Bang Denmark, a 72-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Danish women while simultaneously convincing you not to go.

It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. Honestly, if you’re just out to “put a ring on it”, then I suggest you try a more ‘old-fashioned’ country such as New Zealand or Australia.Dating doesn’t come naturally to Danes, so they put a lot of pressure on themselves to get it right.The sweetest and kindest girls I talked to were all young.The worst girls are around twenty-five, an age when they think they know everything.Often they act rather seriously because they’re worried about losing face.

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