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Court opinions dating - school based program to prevent dating violence

These decisions will include the Court's rulings regarding applications for transfer, writs and motions. The second type includes "optional" hand down days, during which the Court may issue opinions or rulings on motions for rehearing. The Court currently has scheduled hand down dates through December 2017.

After submission of the forensic reports the client was awarded summary judgment in their favor.Testimony of Erich Speckin was admitted and relied on regarding Ink Dating, Photocopy Transfer of Signatures, and Forged Documents. Link to PDF version of Opinion and Judgement – Nord Services vs. A Federal Court in New York finds “These methods reliable under daubert” and “competent evidence” citing two past cases by Speckin Forensic Laboratories as authoritative.(2008) Client: Gordon Arnold, Arnold Knoblock – Houston, Texas Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: None At Trial Link to text version of Opinion and Judgement – Nord Services vs. (2000) Relevant pages 16-17 Client: Phillips Lytle, Kevin Hogan – Buffalo, New York Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: None At Trial Court Order by New York Federal Judge First Frye & MRE 702 Challenge of Ink Dating From 1997 – Testimony on Ink Comparison, Ink Dating, ESDA, and Handwriting was admited and presented resulting in a suspension of a physicians license.The court also ordered the payment of expert and legal fees associated with uncovering the fraud.Client: General Motors & Daniel La Combe (Barris Sott) – Detroit, Michigan Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: Albert H.Client: Attorney General’s Office, State Of Michigan Portion of Testimony of Erich Speckin and Opinion of Judge Frye & MRE 702 Challenge in a criminal case from 1997 Testimony on ink comparrison, ink dating, ESDA, was admitted and presented at preliminary exam resulting in a guilty plea.

Client: Attorney General’s Office – State Of Michigan Opposing Unsuccessful Experts: Too Many To List but includes Brian Lindblom and Dr.(2001) Client: Jeff Miller – Lyon & Lyon (Now Orrick) – San Jose, California Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: Dr.Albert Lyter III Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals Opinion Criminal Sentence State of Michigan Court of Appeals decision in 2005 affirming Circuit Court opinion admitting Ink Dating, Dye Ratios, and Accelerated Aging Results.The Supreme Court of Missouri has two types of "hand down" days when it issues decisions.The first are "regular" hand down days, during which the Court will issue decisions.Julie Howenstine, and Michael Sinke were retained in a case over the movie rights to “The Last Samurai”.

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