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Please remember OCN in your parish’s charitable giving.

Rather, OCN is supported entirely by parish and personal donations.

To learn about the historic origins of the Coptic Calendar please read the article below tracing the Coptic Calendar to the ancient Egyptians. Also on this page you will find some very useful links regarding the controversy of the use of different calendar systems.

We have put up a program that calculates the date of all major Coptic holidays including the Orthodox Easter for any year after 1902 A. The Coptic Orthodox Church uses the Old Calendarist approach in determining the dates of Easter and the other Church Occasions that are dependent on the date of Easter.

The owner of is Adam Lowell Robert and this is what I’ve learned: Adam is employed by the Antiochian Archdiocese. (There is a book he wrote on the subject of evangelism, 100 Natural Ways to Grow A Church.) He’s so good at what he does; he even has a podcast and a blog on the subject.

He responded almost immediately and as we chatted, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

The Orthodox Christian Network is a commissioned agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops.

Our mission is to comfort, inspire, and inform Orthodox Christians and seekers around the world using digital media.

In spite of this, the Ethiopic Calendar is closely associated with the rules and the different calculations influenced by the Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Based upon the ancient Coptic Calendar, the Ethiopian Calendar is seven to eight years behind the Gregorian Calendar, owing to alternate calculations in determining the date of the annunciation of the birth of Jesus.

The names of the months and their starting dates are as follows: The Coptic New Year is a holiday in Ethiopia.

So, true to my nature, I emailed his Facebook page and asked him if we could talk.

He hopes will help people find someone that will strengthen their faith and spiritual life. Adam loves being married so much that he wants all of his friends to be married too.

Spark provides daily devotions, live Bible study, and you can read and learn about events going on in the Orthodox Christian world and persecuted Christians.

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