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Our management team is composed of individuals whose careers have been devoted to a value oriented opportunistic real estate investment strategy.Management seeks to earn high risk adjusted returns by targeting for acquisition assets which we believe are undervalued and/or exhibit the potential for superior growth.

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It’s crucial for founders to understand the waterfall because of what it means for their share of an exit, but also because it can influence how your investor will behave.If the investor in our example had a liquidation preference that would pay out twice the amount invested (a “”) then the waterfall on the million sale would be:- Step 1: Pay the prefs ,000,000; and- Step 2: Share out the remaining proceeds among the ords.So the founder team gets million, rather than the million that we would have expected from the valuation and the cap table.Let’s say that your dead spot is -65 million and you get an acquisition offer at million.You think that things are going well and in 12 months you would be looking at an offer closer to million, so you might be willing to turn this one down and push on.That right will be triggered on the sale, so we need to deal with that before we can know how much everyone gets.

There are various types of liquidation preference, including an annual rate like the interest on a loan, but the most common is either the amount invested or a multiple of that amount.Currently, we own a diverse group of properties, loans, securities and other real estate related assets.For more information, please see the Our Assets section.The aim of this piece is to demystify the termsheet: to explain the jargon to watch out for, and give you practical examples and resources to understand what each term might mean for your business.In the Valuation, we found which is one of the two key financial terms founders need to understand.Because the liquidation amount is a fixed number (not a percentage), the lower the value of the liquidity event the greater the proportion of the proceeds that will go to the investor - even up to 100 percent, if the proceeds are less than the amount needed to pay the preference.

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