Chinese dating scammers

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Chinese dating scammers - xxx mom or 18sall ka bata

They are never who they have posted in the photos on their profiles, and if you have encountered one of them then that beautiful little Thai or Filipina woman in the picture you are messaging is just as likely a big Nigerian man as anything else. The fourth type of scammer is the case where the dating site itself is a complete fraud and is scamming its own members out of their money.These scammers are equally busy pretending to be American, Australian, Canadian or European businessmen and trying to scam the women. These are the worst of all the scammers in online dating, and some of these organizations are bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit annually.

The internet generally, and dating websites especially, are loaded with people who are trying to defraud other people of their money.

Join John Abbot on Google Asian and Chinese internet dating is, like all online dating, rife with people trying to disengage you from your cash through various forms of internet scams.

We try to protect you from these people and one of our best lines of defence is member reporting which we highly encourage.

But it is a somewhat impossible task, and that is why we have a reporting system and invite members to report other members who ask them for money.

It is also why all over our sites we strongly tell members "Never send money / Report members who ask." There are 4 types of scammers pertaining to the worst dating sites, but 3 types pertaining to ALM: 1.

Married to a lovely Chinese Lady and living in China, John knows and respects China, Chinese Women, Chinese People and Chinese Culture.

His blog will include good stuff about Online Dating, Chinese Women, International Relationships and Things Chinese.We call these people scammers, and they come in varying levels of professionalism.On CLM and ALM we do everything we can to keep the members of our sites real, and to not allow on the sites people who are not genuinely looking for a real, long term relationship.That helps us a lot in investigating and I encourage members to do the same thing when they are reporting someone.This message is basically a very standard scam on international dating sites, and as soon as you receive it you can write the person who sent it off your list of eligible future partners.If you are on a site that is charging by the message or chat minute, and does not allow you to freely exchange email addresses of other private means of communication after you have paid for their service, then you can bet your ass you are being scammed.