Chicago dating female

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Unfortunately, what a lot of the posters on here say is true that Chicago is still divided north (white) and south (black).

I currently live in Indy and dating here sucks big time.

For example, maybe you found him on a gay dating app.

Or he came out as gay somehow or somewhere that your friend doesn't know about but you do. If your answer falls into this category, then I would absolutely share that evidence in as loving a way as possible.

One guy I met online actually lived 4 blocks over from me lol. Don't know if white boys are your thing, but I know of plenty of em who'd go out with black girls.

Though people in Chicago, despite being liberal, don't tend to think outside the box much, black men in chicago especially tend to get real nasty about it though they'd go out with any white girl in a heart beat- didn't stop me though.

Dating is very important to me and I want to love (and be loved lol) N. I would like this question to be answered primarily by black women since dating can sometimes be challenging for us (see the numerous articles that have been written about black women being the least married demographic in the United States) but if anyone has any good advice, I am all ears.

Hey there- from one sista to another, dating can suck period!Don't embellish or give your personal opinion at all. RELATED: TRENDING LIFE & STYLE NEWS THIS HOURSecond category: You have a feeling but absolutely no evidence.If your answer falls into this category, then trust that your friend knows this guy better than you and that your "feeling" is no reason to potentially cause strife in her relationship.With the population density of whites & blacks at opposite ends of the city, its no surprise that you dont/wont see much co-mingling.Areas with white yuppie populations boast high numbers of ammenities & social outlets that arent seen in other areas of the city.I mean there are highs & lows for everyone -no matter the color.