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Hanna Montana, “the best of both worlds.” There’s somebody to G-chat with about the angry banalities of everyday life (the J train; always the J train), but at day’s end, it’s you living on your own terms, figuring out what you want out of the only life you’ll ever get to ride out.probably shave off your eyebrows and gnaw through a roll of Reynolds Wrap if that meant you could argue about meals and movie choices.

Make no mistake: loving someone from afar can be a very poignant experience, but it’s so often a decent, legitimate (and utterly disregarded! There’s no eternal battle about whether or not it’s worth it to incur his judgment when you take the elevator up to your fourth-floor apartment. You never have to turn your underwear inside-out either.We were together-but-apart for almost all of the half-decade we dated—seeing each other every other weekend when we were in the same state, on Christmas breaks when we weren’t. It ended slowly, like a breakup happening under water. They wonder, aloud, why I work so hard when there are other good, more convenient men on the market.And then a few months after moving to New York, I met my roommate’s friend, a Columbia student, at our apartment’s first party. (“On the market,” like they’re rainbow trout on ice.)Of course, I think of it differently.In that week you see in Technicolor, the air curling around you like it does for Pocahontas, the world with the brightness adjusted and the tone corrected.It’s a feeling of rightness so sweet that you could not imagine how you had forgotten the experience of it. So when, after a week, he or she has stopped kissing you on the forehead and those invisible forces that keeps your hands on each others bodies night and day has started to become less powerful, it can leave a bruise on a soft heart, a feeling that’s infuriatingly difficult to justify, particularly for such a reasonable person (ha! There is no time when the tiny agonies of long-distance are more acute than when they’re slotted between a rolling drink cart (why do the tiny whiskeys cost ?! On the seat-back mini-TV there’s a constant reminder: the plane is going 536 miles per hour away from what you’re now certain is the only thing that makes you happy.Of course, reveling in misfortune is never healthy, but for many people there’s a long period where that inconvenience isn’t angst. Work crazy hours, visit your nieces and nephews, exercise regularly.

Watch only the bad movies you want to watch, listen to country music, and drink your dinner with your coworkers. I’m lucky he lives in Berlin because Berlin is a place full of English-speaking weirdos.

Maybe for some people their fields of vision narrow and the stale smell of Starbucks and Burger King melts away.

For me, the logistics of the act are very stressful; anticipation has already stripped my nerves, so I’m pretty much a live wire anyway.

You didn’t use that restaurant gift card like you planned.

You didn’t watch nearly as much Buffy the Vampire Slayer as was on the agenda.

Sure there are challenges (read: time zones) and disappointments (read: time zones), but our relationship has no more (and, dare I say it, probably a lot less) woe and doom than any other.

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    They expose who we are, who we want, and of course, who we don't want.