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Using a fictitious name and a photo of an unknown young male, Miller assumed the persona of the young male, and through his “chat,” persuaded the minors to engage in sexually explicit conduct in front of active webcams.

These questions come from public records databases run by companies like Acxiom.

The test is proctored (supervised by a faculty member or teaching assistant) because of three reasons – to ensure that only the student shows up to take the test, to ensure that you work alone, and to ensure that you are not using unauthorized resources such as the textbook, the internet, or your cell phone.

With online proctoring, a company called Proctor U will use a live proctor to use your webcam to meet the same three objectives. Second, they will make sure that you work alone (they can see through your webcam if there is anyone else in the room with you).

Third, they will make sure that the test taker is not using any unauthorized resources. A: Proctor U does not cost the student anything unless you schedule your test at the last minute.

In addition to watching you through your webcam, they can see what’s on your computer, so they know if you’ve opened up any web pages you shouldn’t. If you wait to schedule your test within 3 days of the test, then you will have to pay a convenience fee to Proctor U directly using a credit card.

Q: How does Proctor U know so much information about me?

A: The first part of using Proctor U is for Proctor U to determine that you are who you say you are.

If you would like to see what data Acxiom has about you from public databases, click here.

Q: What does Proctor U do with the information it has about me? It does not store any personal information about you.

To verify your identity, Proctor U will ask to see your ID and may ask you some questions about your identity from publicly available databases (such as your home address).

To make sure you work alone, the proctor will ask you to scan your webcam around the room you are in.

Q: I don’t like the idea of someone looking at me because I’m an honest student and would never think about cheating.