Charmaine sheh dating

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Charmaine sheh dating

The heat has been on Cheng ever since Scarlet Heart propelled him to become an A-list heart-throb in China.

At the contract-signing ceremony in late February, one of the group's head honchos reportedly said Cheng could replace popular singer and TVB actor Raymond Lam any time. "Someone once heard a song I wrote and told me I should just stick to singing," said Cheng. Singing is a hobby to me, while acting is my rice bowl. People download music (from the Internet); who buys albums?She even reportedly went through a secret corridor to get to Cheng's hotel room in Hengdian, China, where she allegedly spent the night.In February, reports claimed Cheng cheated on Sheh with pretty Chinese actress Ying Er, 23, his co-star in the Chinese drama Hero."They had already paid for the travel expenses (to trail me to China), so they must write an article, anything about me."But they didn't manage to take any (incriminating) photos of me, so what could they do?"The bottom line is, don't touch my family, and (the articles) cannot affect my work," he said.

"And don't say I have an affair with a married woman.

Over the years, Charmaine has worked on many TV series, her most famous being Return of the Cuckoo.

After being criticized for her acting early in her career, Charmaine won the "Best Actress" and "My Favorite Female" in 2006 for her role in "Maidens's Vow".

They decided to write about me (romancing a random) actress.

"I understand they have to answer to their editors, so I let it be." Liu also recently denied any romance with Cheng.

Favorite food: Chicken wings, ice cream and dessert Favorite fruit: Mangosteen Favorite sport: Swimming Favorite actress: Maggie Cheung Man Yuk Favorite singer: Leslie Cheung Favorite line: There’s no free lunch Nickname: Ah Sheh 阿佘, Sheh Sheh 佘佘 Birth date: May 28th, 1975 Birth place: Kowloon, Hong Kong Height: 165cm Family members: Mother and brother Education: University of Switzerland (Hotel Management) Language spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and German Profession: Actress Charmaine Sheh Sze Man Biography Charmaine Sheh Sze Man was 2nd runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong 1997 pageant contest and contracted to TVB (Hong Kong largest TV network) since then.