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Among those issues we enclose the following results within this year patients questionnaires.89% of our patients considered our hospital rooms to be very comfortable and spotlessly clean.


Paired with an app, Apple Wallet Pass, or Physical Web browsers, businesses are able to deliver contextually relevant content and information to users at very specific locations.

Macroaggregated albumin is NOT a suitable tracer, as the particles are trapped in the lungs after exiting the right heart and the left heart is never visualized.

THE FIRST-PASS ACQUISITION TECHNIQUE Data is typically acquired in rapid frame mode, without ECG gating (25 msec/frame), for at least 30 seconds.

Functional cardiac imaging using the first-pass technique is sometimes referred to as radionuclide angiography, whereby the initial passage of the radiopharmaceutical through the cardiac chambers is recorded.

An advantage to the technique is that the tracer activity is limited to one chamber at a time, so it is easier to define regions of interest during processing, and background interference is thus minimized.

Our commitment to our patients is guaranteed by involvement and dedication of all our staff, and by our certification of Integrated Quality Management and Environment System in accordance with ISO 90.

IMED Hospitals have a Quality Policy to audit different aspects of health care process.

With our patients being the central aspect of our work we pay close attention to Patient Reported Outcome Monitoring and Patient Reported Experience Measures.

In perceived quality questionnaires our patients are directly asked about key questions regarding our care standards.

The MKI board represents a unique blend of academic and practitioner skills and is known for series of research on various safety issues within the industry.

The MKI core team is led by Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the ATCUAE President, FIA Vice President and 14-times Middle East Rally Champion, and includes: The Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) / UAE Motorcycle Club (UAEMC) will host an FIM-led training for FIM Cross-Country Rallies Clerks of Course and Sporting Stewards on August 27-28, 2016. Read More The Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) organized recently an FIM Technical Steward’s training seminar at its headquarters in Al Mamzar, Dubai.

Creating unique customer experiences through location aware applications has never been easier.

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