Bungie games always updating

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He was lamenting Thorn, he didn’t like the slow reload or the shallow six round magazine. Even though it got better and we had addressed his pain point, his fantasy of what made Thorn unique was reduced.” In general, Bungie isn’t afraid to rebalance Destiny’s weapons.Last week’s patch really rejigged pulse rifles, auto rifles and shotguns, much to Pat’s interest.

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Most users are experiencing hang-ups at various intervals of the download, with almost nobody over 60% completed even after three hours of downloading. But it moved 2% in the past hour,” said papercamm on Neo GAF. [UPDATE 9/8 PM PST] We originally reported that only Xbox One users were experiencing issues with the download as that console was predominately what we were seeing complaints for.These data points could all be coincidences, but that’s the point on which The Redditor has not only predicted Xûr’s exact stock, the weekly event modifiers, and gear and maps from the upcoming expansion, but has also documented when Xûr’s stock has been manually changed, which again, is something Bungie vehemently claimed they could not do.Last week, received a tiny patch that installed tools to help Bungie better inspect and manage databases., was largely written without any idea of what the game looked or played like.When he was finished, he jokingly said, "I dumped 50 minutes of music on [the development team and said 'Deal with that.Astute — or paranoid — members of the community immediately assumed it was to prevent gamers from being able to suss out upcoming content.

Earlier today, Megamanexe4 posted an explainer on Reddit that seems to confirm those guesses of the astute and fears of the paranoid.

Every Friday morning, a special weekend vendor arrives at a random location in the game’s main social hub, the Tower, and sells what is purported to be a randomized selection of the best and rarest (exotic tier) loot in the game.

The vendor’s name is Xûr, and if not for his paltry asking price-per-piece, players wouldn’t have gotten their favorite guns yet — even now, half a year after the game released.

Guns like Ice Breaker and Gjallahorn definitely hit the mark there (although less so when everyone has one), but unfortunately, there are a few that just don’t strike a chord.

In a recent developer Q&A on the forums, Bungie staffer Newsk said the team is always looking at how to improve Exotics.

By nature, a randomized list would mean Xûr’s stock often wouldn’t meet your desires, but the patterns the vendor has exhibited since release have frequently looked more like trolling than a random selection.

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