Blog datin malay mature

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Blog datin malay mature

Apart from oysters making for a lucrative business, Tan also points out that the molluscs are also a nutritious alternative to the sinful cockles as they are high in protein and low in cholesterol.However, the biggest selling point is the prospect of having fresh, locally-grown oysters available for Malaysians from farm-to-table, on the very same day.

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Le Cordon Bleu views Kuala Lumpur with its vibrant food scene and forward-looking cuisine as an important location for its newest school.

In order to make Malaysia an oyster-producing nation, Tan now has her eye on expanding the project to villagers in Perak and one day hopes to get all coastal states involved.

“Worldwide people are looking at molluscs as an alternative fisheries product because molluscs are as good as fish because both are considered to be health foods.

“USM came in and we taught them how to culture the oysters and we linked them to the industry and we also ensure they’re selling it at a fair price and no one is taking advantage of them. It’s so popular that some farms have become tourist sites for visitors to buy oysters directly,” she said.

She adds that the start-up cost for local fishermen has also been low as the racks and cages required for breeding oysters are made from reclaimed wood while the seeds needed to cultivate the shellfish is provided by USM.

“What the US is doing is they freeze their oysters then they ship them over but with this, we can collect the oysters and have them at the restaurant that same day. I feel local oysters taste better, it’s definitely fresher, the meat is firmer and it’s sweeter.

Once it’s frozen and thawed, the sweetness is gone,” she said. In the face of a dwindling population of cockles in Malaysia, the marine biologist is attempting to encourage the “farming” of an alternative food source altogether — oysters.“A third of our fisheries’ income comes from molluscs but that is now depleted because of the over-harvesting of cockles,” she said referring to molluscs which are a classification of invertebrate animals, including cockles, mussels and oysters.Have you ever dreamt of whipping up delightful choux pastries all by yourself or indulge your loved ones with a simple dish of Monkfish Mouclade La Mouclade? Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia offers scholarship annually to deserving applicants who has the most passion for food and cooking.The applicants can be International and Malaysian students, depending on the category.It represents the French “Art de Vivre” in a large multicultural city with abundant fresh produce, great history and a confident future.

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